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2021 Bio4Energy Annual Report Is Out

This is the release of the Bio4Energy Annual Report for 2021. It gives an overview of the research and development conducted on the seven Bio4Energy Research and Development Platforms. It hints at the work of the Bio4Energy PhD students, by listing the topics for and names of those who successfully defended their thesis, at the end of […]

Bio4Enery Going Strong: New Scientists, Collaborations

Bio4Energy scientists and advanced students met at Umeå, Sweden, ready to form new research collaborations.  Bio4Energy’s most recent platform leader, Nils Skoglund, opened up for collaboration with Environment and Nutrient Recycling; and with his team presenting new lines of research. New Bio4Energy researchers, bringing the membership count to 225, took the stage; pitching and matching. The […]

Bio4Energy Celebrates its 100th Thesis Defence by PhD Student

The Bio4Energy research environment is celebrating its 100th thesis defence by a PhD student. Mojtaba Nobandegani, Luleå University of Technology (LTU) receives the honour of being the 100th advanced student to pass his doctoral degree as part of the Bio4Energy cluster. His thesis Adsorption and mass transport in zeolite membranes is part of the research efforts of the platform Bio4Energy Chemical Catalysis and […]

Change of Leader at Bio4Energy Environment, Nutrient Recycling

The research and development platform Bio4Energy Environment and Nutrient Recycling has a new leader as of March 2022. Nils Skoglund, associate professor at Bio4Energy host Umeå University, is taking over the platform leadership from Stina Jansson, who has the same title and affiliation, as she takes on more responsibilities for her home department. The appointment has the blessing of the Bio4Energy […]

Quinoa Project Classifies New Building Block for Biorefinery

A long-running research project designed to create the conditions for making renewable fuels, chemicals and pesticides from residues of the agricultural crop quinoa; grown in extreme environments; has hit a major milestone. Bio4Energy’s long-running ‘Quinoa Project’, started in 2017 by scientists in Sweden and Bolivia, not only has expanded to a multi-partner effort, but also has classified and provided […]