Bio4Energy Researchers Meet Over New Developments on Energy, Material Production

The “great Norrland transformation” and biochemical conversion of biomass to fuels, chemicals and materials were on the menu as Bio4Energy researchers and advanced students met at Luleå, Sweden this month.

Large ventures will be developing environmentally friendly hydrogen in northern Sweden, Norrbotten County, and Bio4Energy partner RISE Research Institutes of Sweden are investing in test beds for biorefinery at several locations in the country, of which Piteå.

This “transformation” is expected to bring new jobs to the region and clean energy to the nation.

Bio4Energy’s advanced students, several of whom could be part of propelling it, where there to show off their research projects. Nineteen of them where part of a presentation race of one-minute talks, representing ongoing research at many of the Bio4Energy Research Platforms.

“The students are our future”, said conference moderator Elisabeth Wetterlund, Bio4Energy deputy programme manager.

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