A model of the Vertisà AB vertical gardening module. Photo by courtesy of Vertisà AB.

Inventions by Bio4Energy Researchers Highlighted by Royal Academy for Future Potential

Zeolite membranes for gas separation, vertical gardens and reuse…
Torgny Näsholm and Rikard Höög of Arevo accept a prize for Best University Spin-off 2023. Photo used with permission.

Spin-off Wins Prize for ‘Great Potential’ of Plant Nutrition Products with Minimal Footprint

A university spin-off headed up by Bio4Energy researchers and…
Longstanding Bio4Energy member Mikael Thyrel is new platform leader for Feedstock Pre-processing. Photo by Anna Strom ©2023.©AnnaStrom

New leader for Feedstock Pre-processing Eyes Critical Raw Materials as New Direction for Research

Bio4Energy's smallest research platform has a new leader with…
A slab in a furnace of a hot strip mill. Photo by courtesy of Luleå University of Technology.LTU

Three-year Project Could Set Steelmaker Well on Way to Hydrogen-based Operations

Industry and academia are teaming up to enable a phase out of…
Bio4Energy scientists Kristiina Oksman (left) and Linn Berglund are showing slivers of the brown kelp used as input material, at their research laboratory.LTU

Breakthrough Innovation: Hydrogels from Norwegian Kelp to Be Commercialised

Bio4Energy researchers are behind a breakthrough innovation…
Field trials of growing genetically modified aspen trees in Sweden. Photo by courtesy of Ewa Mellerowicz.Bio4Energy

Field Trials Confirm: Aspen Trees May be Modified for Easier Access for Biorefinery Production

Field trials of transgenic aspen trees have confirmed that genetic…
Algae production at Dåva, Umeå, Sweden. Photo by courtesy of Francesco Gentili.

New Projects Supported by Bio4Energy Strategic Funds

Twenty per cent of all funding to Bio4Energy is set aside as…
Season Greeting from Bio4Energy. Collage and photos by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

Season’s Greetings from Bio4Energy

Bio4Energy wants to wish its members and followers a Merry…
Dimitris Athanassiadis, Bio4Energy Systems Analysis and Bioeconomy, is new coordinator of the Graduate School.©AnnaStrom

New Coordinator for Graduate School: Course Starts in 2024

The Bio4Energy Graduate School, with flagship training on biorefinery…


Bio4Energy Researchers’ Meeting


This is where Bio4Energy’s researchers and student researchers meet and greet. A line up of internal and external speakers can be expected. Last time in November 2022, the Bio4Energy students presented talks and project posters. Last day of registration is 25 May. Programme Registration is closed Last-minute request or registration? Contact info@bio4energy.se

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Senior Research Engineer

Umeå Plant Science Centre
Umeå University

“Bio4Energy funding allowed for me as a postdoc to engage in a project of my own design, while also attracting external funding for my research on plant-microbe interactions. Bio4Energy thus made it possible to initiate and investigate the potential of new ideas.”