Field trials of growing genetically modified aspen trees in Sweden. Photo by courtesy of Ewa Mellerowicz.Bio4Energy

Field Trials Confirm: Aspen Trees May be Modified for Easier Access for Biorefinery Production

Field trials of transgenic aspen trees have confirmed that genetic…
Algae production at Dåva, Umeå, Sweden. Photo by courtesy of Francesco Gentili.

New Projects Supported by Bio4Energy Strategic Funds

Twenty per cent of all funding to Bio4Energy is set aside as…
Season Greeting from Bio4Energy. Collage and photos by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

Season’s Greetings from Bio4Energy

Bio4Energy wants to wish its members and followers a Merry…
Dimitris Athanassiadis, Bio4Energy Systems Analysis and Bioeconomy, is new coordinator of the Graduate School.©AnnaStrom

New Coordinator for Graduate School: Course Starts in 2024

The Bio4Energy Graduate School, with flagship training on biorefinery…
Most plastics are made from petrochemicals. Could they be recycled using a bio-based process? Photo by ©Anna Strom.©Anna Strom

Recycling of Plastics and Forest Management Under Loup in New Projects

While a part of the research community is trying to develop…
LACCASE lignin encoding in plants could be used to make them resilient to drought and strong winds. Photos by Stockholm University affiliates.Stockholm University/Edouard Pesquet

Plants Adapt their Lignin Using Chemical ‘Encoding’ Enzymes, New Report Suggests

Bio4Energy Associated Member Edouard Pesquet, previously…
Researchers Jonas Hedlund and Sofie Zätterqvist have won Luleå University of Technology's award Innovator of the Year 2022.LTU

Innovation Award for R&D on Biogas Separation Technology to Bio4Energy Researcher

A Bio4Energy research leader has been appointed Innovator…


Bioekonomiriksdagen 2023


Bioekonomiriksdagen tar avstamp i förändringarna i vår omvärld; inom EU, nationellt och i norra Sverige. Syftet med dagen är att visa upp och diskutera hur den skogliga bioekonomin kan bidra till regional utveckling med norra Sverige som modell och inspiration. Klicka här för anmälan.

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Senior Research Engineer

Umeå Plant Science Centre
Umeå University

“Bio4Energy funding allowed for me as a postdoc to engage in a project of my own design, while also attracting external funding for my research on plant-microbe interactions. Bio4Energy thus made it possible to initiate and investigate the potential of new ideas.”