Bio4Energy is a Strategic Research Environment funded through the Swedish Government’s investment in high-quality research in 24 strategic research areas. Our research focuses on biorefineries for sustainable production of renewable energy carriers, chemicals and materials.

Partners are Umeå University, Luleå University of Technology, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and RISE Processum. 

Bio4Energy’s research is at the international forefront and covers the entire value chain: From different residual biomass feedstocks, to end-products in the form of biofuels, bio-based materials, and “green” chemicals. Our vision is to create environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies that enable the replacement of today’s oil refineries with biorefineries. 

Bio4Energy researchers collaborate with academia, research institutes and industry worldwide. We contribute with education and competence supply at undergraduate, advanced and doctorate levels. 

Key figures 

  • Bio4Energy started in 2010 
  • 225+ researchers are involved 
  • 100+ PhDs students have graduated 
  • 1600+ scientific articles have been published 
  • ~50 patents have resulted