2022 Bio4Energy Annual Report Is Out

The 2022 Bio4Energy Annual Report is out, breathing optimism and comeback after the years with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

It tells the tale of launching a new website for the research environment and of rising numbers of PhD defenses passed. PhDs in this context are advanced students in Bio4Energy’s sector of biorefinery and bioenergy based on wood or organic waste. Their work is at the heart of Bio4Energy’s contribution to advancing science.

As is custom, each of Bio4Energy’s seven research platforms has its own page. Here its members’ progress is detailed over the year and the platform’s reason for being described. Two new platforms leaders stepped into their roles in 2022 and are pictured.

Important news developments are described in the media and outreach section, followed by awards and special commissions.

All 11 members of the Bio4Energy Advisory Board are pictured. They serve as a link to industry and give advice to the Bio4Energy Board and programme managers.