A key challenge when introducing new biorefinery concepts is to develop sustainable and resource-efficient routes for use of forestry biomass, industrial residues and organic waste streams. This includes closing the loops of nutrients and minerals, as well as minimising the potential environmental and health impact.

This platform aims to advance the understanding of critical research questions on the environmental aspects of sustainable forestry, bioenergy and biorefinery processes, including the circularity of elements.

Key areas of research: recirculation of mineral nutrients in ash, effluent treatment using algae and recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus, novel fertilizers, biochar, reducing the emissions of toxic organic micropollutants, heavy metals and particulate matter emissions.

Participants: UmU (Applied Physics and Electronics), LTU (Applied Geochemistry), SLU (Forest Ecology and Management)

Platform leader: Nils Skoglund nils.skoglund@chem.umu.se +46 90 786 6801