Grass after a summer rain in northern Sweden. Photo by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

The 2021 Bio4Energy Annual Report Is Out

This is the release of the Bio4Energy Annual Report for 2021. It…
Bio4Energy researchers and students assembled at Umeå, Sweden, 16 June; for their biannual Researchers' Meeting. Photos by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

Bio4Enery Going Strong: New Scientists, Collaborations

Bio4Energy scientists and advanced students met at Umeå, Sweden,…
Biomass (left) must be turned into biocarbon (right) in a controlled process to be an alternative for use to fossil coal in the iron and steel industries. Kentaro Umeki is Bio4Energy's man on the job. Photos by courtesy of Kentaro Umeki, Luleå University of Technology.Courtesy Kentaro Umeki. Collage by Anna Strom

Phase Out of Fossil Coal in Sweden’s Iron, Steel Industries on Cards

A project consortium including research groups, technology development…
Bio4Energy 2022

Bio4Energy Celebrates its 100th Thesis Defence by PhD Student

The Bio4Energy research environment is celebrating its…

Change of Leader at Bio4Energy Environment, Nutrient Recycling

The research and development platform Bio4Energy Environment…
Bio4Energy ©2022

Quinoa Project Classifies New Building Block for Biorefinery

A long-running research project designed to create the…

Starting Soon: Training on Developing Biofuels, Chemicals, Materials

Bio4Energy is announcing the start of its flagship training…

New Project to Create Organic Waste-based Biorefinery

Bio4Energy is part of a new multi-partner project to create…
Mixed forest. Photo by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

Large Project on Integration of UN SDGs in Forest Management to Target Genetic Tree Breeding

An encompassing project is about to kick off with the aim to…


Bio4Energy ©2022

Bio4Energy Researchers’ Meeting

We are delighted to invite the Bio4Energy researchers and students…
iStock by Getty Images

Bio4Energy Thesis Defence

PhD student Angel David García Llamas will defend his thesis Particle…

Biorefinery Pilot Research: Course Start

The 2022 Edition of Biorefinery Pilot Research, one of two generic…


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