Green H2 and bio-based aromatic chemicals from lignin. Illustration by courtesy of Xiaoyan Ji.

Green H2 and bio-based aromatic chemicals from lignin

Project leader: Xiaoyan Ji,

Other participants: Leif Jönsson, Tomas Gustafsson

Platforms: CatSep, BioPolChem

Organisations: LTU, UmU, RISE Processum

Status: Ej beslutat, inväntar rapportering från projekt i FM-1

Reference: B4E3-FM-2-03

Strategic call: B4E3-FM-2, 2023-2024

Biochar can be made from many types of biomass. Here it is from wheat straw. Photo by courtesy of Anna Strandberg.

Design of biochar from residual streams – influence of fuel and process parameters on biochar properties for water and soil applications

Project leader: Anna Strandberg,  

Other participants: Christoffer Boman, Magnus Rudolfsson, Fredrik Forsberg, Mirva Niinipuu

Platforms: FeedPro, EnviroNut, ThermoChem

Organisations: UmU, SLU, LTU, RISE

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-FM-2-08

Call: B4E3-FM-2, 2023-2024

Novel environmentally friendly hydrophobic zeolite membranes and coatings

Project leader: Jonas Hedlund,  

Other participants: Nils Skoglund, Linn Berglund

Platforms: CatSep, EnviroNut, BioPolChem

Organisations: LTU, UmU

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-FM-2-05

Call: B4E3-FM-2, 2023-2024

A harvester does the last bit of weeding before sunset, in a birch forest somewhere in southern Sweden. Photo by courtesy of Dan Bergström.

Expansion of biorefinery feedstock supply by mobilisation of woody residues from multifunctional silviculture treatments and marginal land operations – From Trash To Cash

Project leader: Dan Bergström;

Other participants: Åsa Lindman, Elisabeth Wetterlund, Charilaos Xiros, Marcus Öhman

Platforms: SysAnaBio, ThermoChem

Organisations: SLU, LTU, RISE Processum

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-FM-2-01

Call: B4E3-FM-2, 2023-2024

Algae production at Dåva, Umeå, Sweden. Photo by courtesy of Francesco Gentili.

Circular and sustainable production of bioplastics with the help of photosynthetic microorganisms – Proof of concept

Project leader: Francesco Gentili,

Other participants: Christiane Funk, Carmen Cristescu, Lalie Kossatz, Gunnar Westin

Platforms: EnviroNut, BioPolChem, SysAnaBio

Organisations: SLU, UmU, RISE Processum

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-FM-2-02

Call: B4E3-FM-2, 2023-2024

Cross section of the stem of an aspen tree. Photo by courtesy of Hannele Tuominen.

Trade-off between wood quantity and quality in response to nitrogen fertilization — Is there a breaking point for beneficial levels of nitrogen in forests?

Project leader: Hannele Tuominen,

Other participants: Sandra Jämtgård, Zakiya Yassin

Platforms: ForFeed, EnviroNut

Organisations: SLU, UmU, RISE

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-FM-2-06

Call: B4E3-FM-2, 2023-2024

Paving the road for introducing renewable energy carriers in large industries

Project leader: Markus Broström,

Other participants: Kentaro Umeki, Andrea Toffolo, Henrik Wiinikka

Platforms: ThermoChem, SysAnaBio

Organisations: UmU, LTU, RISE

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-TM-2-10

Call: B4E3-TM-2, 2022-2023

Improvement of LCA and economic methodology for upscaling biofuel and bio material production

Project leader: Dimitris Athanassiadis,

Other participants: Carmen Cristescu, Mats Tysklind, Tommy Lundgren, Robert Lundmark

Platforms: SysAnaBio

Organisations: SLU, UmU, LTU

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-TM-2-09

Call: B4E3-TM-2, 2022-2023

Relation of wood structure and chemistry to nanocellulose extraction and properties

Project leader: Totte Niittylä,

Other participants: Linn Berglund, Gerhard Scheepers

Platforms: ForFeed, BioPolChem

Organisations: SLU, LTU, RISE

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-TM-2-08

Call: B4E3-TM-2, 2022-2023

Evaluation of field-grown aspens with modified lignin, pectin and xylan by biochemical conversion technologies and comprehensive productivity analysis

Project leader: Ewa Mellerowicz,

Other participants: Leif Jönsson, Benedicte Albrectsen

Platforms: ForFeed, BioPolChem

Organisations: SLU, UmU

Status: Ongoing

Reference: B4E3-TM-2-07

Call: B4E3-TM-2, 2022-2023