A model of the Vertisà AB vertical gardening module. Photo by courtesy of Vertisà AB.

Role of Forests in Reining in Climate Change, Producing Energy

When it comes to the role the forest in a perspective of climate…
Advanced Biofuels Conference 2023, main banner. Courtesy of Svebio Swedish Bioenergy Association.Svebio

Advanced Biofuels Conference 2023: Bio4Energy in Partnership

Sweden is host to an annual event designed to take the pulse…
Scale-up profile picture, by courtesy of BioFuel Region.BioFuel Region

Logistics of Biomass Transport Subject of New European Training

Biomass as an input material for biorefinery needs to be handled…
Do you love nature as much as we do? Let us help manage and use its bounty wisely. Photo by Anna Strom ©2023©AnnaStrom

Greeting to Our Followers

We are taking a break and want to wish our followers and stakeholders…
Carmen Cristescu and Dimitris Athanassiadis are coordinators for Bio4Energy's new training on the history of biorefining. Photo by Anna Strom ©2023.©AnnaStrom

New Training: History of Biorefining in Nordic Countries

Bio4Energy is launching a new course for PhD and postdoctoral…
PhD students at a Bio4Energy event. Photo by ©AnnaStrom.©AnnaStrom

2022 Bio4Energy Annual Report Is Out

The 2022 Bio4Energy Annual Report is out, breathing optimism…
Traditionally, Bio4Energy has been targeting wood from conifers in its research. Photo by Anna Strom ©2023.©AnnaStrom

Bio4Energy is Delivering Methods, Tools to Industry as Promised

Regional collaboration and research in the areas of thermochemical…
Pierre Oesterle, PhD student, has been awarded a prize for his research to remove micropollutants from wastewater. Photo by courtesy of Pierre Oesterle.

PhD Student Wins Prize for ‘Outstanding’ Work to Capture Micropollutants

A Bio4Energy PhD student at Umeå University (UmU) has won a…
A model of the Vertisà AB vertical gardening module. Photo by courtesy of Vertisà AB.

Inventions by Bio4Energy Researchers Highlighted by Royal Academy for Future Potential

Zeolite membranes for gas separation, vertical gardens and reuse…


Course Start: Historical, Technological and Societal Background


Historical, technological and societal background to forestry and forest-based biorefining in Nordic countries, 4.5 ETCS — Bio4Energy Graduate School (Please click the link.)

Bio4Energy Researchers’ Meeting


This is an event for Bio4Energy scientists and advanced students.

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Senior Research Engineer

Umeå Plant Science Centre
Umeå University

“Bio4Energy funding allowed for me as a postdoc to engage in a project of my own design, while also attracting external funding for my research on plant-microbe interactions. Bio4Energy thus made it possible to initiate and investigate the potential of new ideas.”