Researchers Jonas Hedlund and Sofie Zätterqvist have won Luleå University of Technology's award Innovator of the Year 2022.LTU

Innovation Award for R&D on Biogas Separation Technology to Bio4Energy Researcher

A Bio4Energy research leader has been appointed Innovator…
Naser Tavajohi shows a module for an artificial membrane, at one of his research laboratories at Umeå University, Sweden. Photo by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

Young Researcher Wins Prize for Development of Sustainable Artificial Membranes

He wants to make environmentally friendly, artificial membranes…
Plant scientist Rosario García-Gil received a "medal" for her contribution to science and collaborations. Photo by courtesy of Rosario Garcìa-Gil.

Bio4Energy Researcher Awarded Medal for ‘Exceptional Contribution’

Bio4Energy researcher Rosario García-Gil has been awarded a…
Scientist Edouard Pesquet and team have discovered a chemical "code" for the plant polymer lignin. Photos by courtesy of Edouard Pesquet and team.Stockholm University

Polymer Lignin May Be Modified for Drought Resistance in Plants

Bio4Energy Associated Member Edouard Pesquet, previously…
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden inaugurate the expansion of it test-bed environments for biorefinery. Photo by Maria Fäldt.RISE

RISE to Invest SEK350 Million in Its Biorefinery Test Bed Environments

Bio4Energy partner RISE Research Institutes of Sweden have…
Timber logs. Photo by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

IEA: Bioenergy Part of Sustainable Energy Mix

Bio4Energy highlights a September 2022 press release by the…
At a lake in northern Sweden, in June. Photo by Anna Strom ©2022.©AnnaStrom

Summer Greetings from Bio4Energy

It is the time of the year when we allow ourselves to take a…


Biennial Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics Meeting


SSFE 2022 calls for the submission of abstracts to, Deadlines Acceptance of presentation: 6 October 2022 Registration deadline: 1 November 2022

Bioekonomiriksdagen 2023


Bioekonomi i Norr, ett aktörsnätverk i norra Sverige, bjuder in till Bioekonomiriksdagen i Umeå 2023.

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Jamil Chowdhury, Bio4Energy Forest-based Feedstock

Senior Research Engineer

Umeå Plant Science Centre
Umeå University

“Bio4Energy funding allowed for me as a postdoc to engage in a project of my own design, while also attracting external funding for my research on plant-microbe interactions. Bio4Energy thus made it possible to initiate and investigate the potential of new ideas.”